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Contact Elmira Ponti

Send all remittances to the Council Treasurer at: 

Elmira Ponti
6125 Fremont Circle
Camarillo, CA  93012

Please include a remittance form with each submission.


Document/Remittance Due to Council
Annual Year-End Report (2016-17 school year) September 1, 2017
Proposed Budget (2017-18 school year) September 1, 2017
2016-2017 Year End Audit (1/1/17 – 6/30/17) October 1, 2017
Ready, Set, Remit Membership Award (Minimum of 30 Members) October 1, 2017
Council Dues ($300.00) November 1, 2017
Conflict/Whistle  Blower Forms (just send a list of the officers’ names/positions that you     have received forms from; you keep the actual signed forms) November 1, 2017
Insurance Premiums ($228.00; must be accompanied by Worker’s Comp. Payroll Rpt.) November 1, 2017
Worker’s Compensation Payroll Report (original signed copy; not electronic copy) November 1, 2017
First Required Remittance of Per Capita Dues (minimum of 15 members) November 1, 2017
Copy of Tax Filings (both State and Federal) along with proof of filing December 1, 2017
Copy of RRF-1 (Charitable Trust Renewal) Filing along with proof of filing December 1, 2017
2017-2018 Mid-Year Audit (7/1/17 – 12/31/17) February 13, 2018
Freewill Offering Remittance May 1, 2018
Final Membership Remittance June 1, 2018

NOTE: All remittances must be received by the Council Treasurer no later than the listed due dates.

Tax Filings

The following dates are for remittances to be sent directly from the units to the regulating government agency.

Document/Remittance Due to Council
Raffle Permit applications due to Attorney General (re: 2016-2017) Aug. 31, 2017
Raffle Report due to Attorney General (re: 2016-17) Oct. 1, 2017
Form 990 due to IRS or extension filed Nov. 15, 2017
Form 199 due to Franchise Tax Board or extension filed Nov. 15, 2017
Form RRF-1 (charitable trust renewal) due to Attorney General Nov. 15, 2017

NOTE:  There are other deadlines for items such as CSPTA Scholarship and Grant applications, Convention Registration, etc.  Watch the “POINSETTIA” and state mailings for more information.