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Thank you to the City of Camarillo for funding the second phase of our lock-down supply program!


Before ordering supplies for your school, please contact us. We have negotiated volume discounts and have an excellent consultant that can advise you on the quantity and quality necessary to meet your needs.


Emergency Preparedness News & Updates


For many years individual PTAs have been providing emergency preparation supplies to the schools they support. Primarily, they have focused on outside evacuation supplies–emergency backpacks for classrooms and water, tools, etc for outside emergency bins. Depending on the funding levels of these PTA’s and their individual attention to the details of their programs, schools are currently equipped for emergencies to varying degrees.

Why has the Council gotten involved?

The Emergency Preparation Program needs yearly attention and financial and informational support.

  • By working together we have buying power and save with volume and freight.
  • All schools should have lockdown supplies, not just the ones with well funded parent organizations.
  • We provide a central place for schools to go if they need information, resources, or funding to procure supplies.

A Pragmatic Approach

The fact that we are spending a lot of money on something we hope we never use is not lost on us. As in all things, we are looking to do so in the least expensive, most effective way. Things we thought about:

  • Classroom lockdown supplies can also be outdoor evacuation supplies serving a dual purpose.
  • We consulted an expert that has been in the field during lockdown situations to make sure we make the right choices when purchasing the items we need,, zeroing in on function and eliminating the excess found in most kits marketed to schools and government organizations.
  • Flexing our buying power as a group gets us a better price every time.