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Support Rancho Rosal, vote once a day through March 24th!

Rancho Rosal has been entered in a competition to collect the most votes between now and March 24th to earn a $15,000 grant in support of this leadership program. We can use your help!

While voting continues for the next few weeks, each person can submit one vote per email address each day. You can search for Rancho Rosal Elementary School at www.MyScholarDollars.com or use this link to directly get to our Rancho Rosal voting page: http://www.myscholardollars.com/#vote-now
Currently we are in first place in our category!

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Entry statement for Rancho Rosal so you can have more information:

What they would do with a Scholar Dollars grant:
Using secured grant funding from generous sources, the staff at Rancho Rosal would like to implement the principles and key components that are clearly outlined in “The Leader in Me.” This revolutionary system by Steven Covey is designed to create a school culture where students are taught how to be responsible, to show initiative, to develop their personal creative, to know how to set goals and meet them, to get along with people of various cultures and backgrounds, and become strong leaders who can resolve conflicts and solve problems. The desired educational outcome is to equip students with skills they need to be academically successful in the classroom, while instilling and teaching guiding leadership principles as taught through “The Leader in Me” initiative. Although we do not meet the Free/Reduced Lunch criteria, we would hope that you would consider our school, based upon our unique student population and needs. Presently, we serve the highest elementary student population (700) in our district, and we have a large population of students with diverse educational needs represented in our with 5 Special Day Classes on our campus. Additionally, we serve homeless or foster students and their families in crisis through the RAIN Project and Casa Pacifica. We also have a number of military families that attend our school, many of whom experience separation-related issues. Due to this unique configuration of our student population, all of our students would greatly benefit from learning unique skills in working with students with numerous social/emotional needs as well. Working in cooperation with our staff, students, and parent community, we strongly believe that this program will help us to develop a community of leaders that can take responsibility for their behavioral and educational goals. We, the staff of Rancho Rosal, are firmly committed to fully implementing this important system with the generous support of grant funding. With this vital funding secured, we will be able to provide the training and support systems (materials, personnel) and look forward to becoming a change-agent for not only Rancho Rosal, but for our entire school district.”