Team Norms

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Established October 2016
Definition of Team Norms:

“Ground rules or habits that govern a group, Norms represent protocols or commitments developed by each team to guide members in working together. Norms help team members clarify expectations regarding how they will work together to achieve their shared goals.”

We all work to ensure the highest academic achievement and personal development of all of our Camarillo students. The time we spend at meetings to achieve this mission is valuable and must be utilized effectively and efficiently.

  • Assume best intentions and seek clarification when needed.
  • Think, speak, and act in the best interests of students and the adults who support their development.
  • Be respectful of each other’s opinions.
  • Respect for the full school community to include, in addition to the students, the teachers, administrators, parents and supporters of Pleasant Valley School District
Open Communication:
  • We must create a safe meeting environment where all feel comfortable enough to share their opinions, whether popular or unpopular.
  • Don’t judge others during brainstorming.
  • No rehashing.
  • Avoid side conversations.
  • Raise your hand to discuss.
  • Table/parking lot for future discussion.
Open Mindedness:
  • We must keep an open mind (even though change is a risk), maintaining a safe and supportive environment that encourages growth and development, nurture risk taking and innovation, and forgives mistakes.
  • Challenge assumptions and risk personal discomfort to provide opportunities to learn.
  • Abide by group decisions and support those decisions with professional behavior.
  • Be there ready to begin on time, be prepared, and be accountable.
  • Collect all info from your file.
  • Keep cell phones silent and leave all non-emergency calls to attend to after meetings, or please step outside to take a phone call.
  • Maintain a healthy humor, celebrate and laugh together.
  • It’s OK to walk around during the meeting or leave to use the restroom.
  • If you will miss a meeting send a rep in your place – someone needs to get the info we provide!