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The Camarillo Council of PTAs is very excited to be an active partner with our local school Units and the Community of Camarillo as we work together to provide our children with the highest quality educational environment and opportunities available.

We are part of the largest child advocacy group in the nation! Through our efforts our children have opportunities to excel and take advantage of so many wonderful programs.

Our Mission:

We exist to positively impact the lives of all children and families by representing our members and empowering and supporting them with skills in advocacy, leadership, and communication.

We exist to:

  • Foster communication between and among units to share best practices and common concerns.
  • Provide a unified, effective voice in relationships with the School District(s) and community partners which include our local city, county and state offices and officials, our local business community, parents and the community at large.
  • Link the Camarillo area PTAs with the resources, support and advocacy of the 12th District, California & National PTA organizations.
  • Be the leading voice advocating quality education and a nurturing environment for all of our children.

Our Goals:

Build a stronger relationship between Camarillo Council and Units
  • Provide important information to assist Unit Presidents/Board Members
  • President to visit each PTA during the year at least once
  • Promote and provide educational opportunities for unit board members
Create greater exposure to Superintendents & School Boards
  • Encourage attendance at monthly PVSD Round Table & Council Meeting
  • Provide Units with information obtained at Round Table and encourage presidents to disseminate that information to unit boards and membership
  • Provide Units unable to attend email recaps & distributed paperwor
Increase Membership
  • Solicit Memberships for our Units through our Platinum Membership
  • Assist units in ensuring membership of school staff through communications with district administrations (Principals) and teacher associations
  • Contact each non-PTA school
Assist Units in creating Parent Education Opportunities
  • Work with districts to establish programs geared towards parent education
  • Create opportunities for all units to share in parent education programs
  • Conduct at least one parent education opportunity this year
Communication, Outreach, & Training
  • Solicit and find topics/speakers for Council meetings
  • Assist Units in distributing materials translated into Spanish
Encourage Attendance at the State PTA Convention by All Units
  • Promotion by the Unit Presidents to their PTA Boards and Members
  • Encourage Units to budget funds to allow for the reimbursement of costs to Attendees
Encourage Sharing & Collaboration between Units & CAPTA
  • Encourage each Unit to submit to the PTA Spotlight Awards
  • Provide opportunities at council meetings to highlight unit PTA programs

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